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It Is Never To Soon To Start Thinking About Selling Your Business

Is This Your Current Exit Strategy?

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The time to plan is now!

Landscape Architecture Firm For Sale – Great Business

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Great FREE Symposium for Business Owners Next Tuesday

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I met one of the presenters of this symposium yesterday and it looks like a great FREE resource for marketing and sales advice.

The presenters typically work with larger companies $5mil & up so this is a way for them to share their knowledge with owners of smaller companies and for American Family to get some PR in the small business community.

I’m goin Tuesday, maybe I’ll see you there.

When Bad Things Happen, Keep Your Perspective

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Sometimes in business events occur that knock us off kilter but have little or no consequences on the bottom line or big picture.  As owners, we take our business and all that surrounds it personally so we find ourselves susceptible to emotional reactions that distort our focus and distract us.  We begin to worry about these events and blow them out of proportion so that we have trouble being productive for hours or even days at a time.

At times like these we need to remember that business is a game with profit and cash flow as the score card.  Although we may be upset with a specific screw up or let down, rarely are they occurrences that will derail a company or even be noticed in the P&L at the end of the year.  At times like these, keep your perspective, take a look at the scorecard, give yourself a 10 minutes to acknowledge and feel the emotional reaction and then leave it behind you.

Dale Carnegie says that 90% of the things we worry about never happen.   Worry can be paralyzing and one of the hardest things about owning a business is overcoming these moments.  Teach yourself how to recognize these moments and deal with them so you can remain focused and productive.