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It Is Never To Soon To Start Thinking About Selling Your Business

About Mark Huber

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Hi, my name is Mark Huber.  I specialize in helping business owners with exit planning and selling their business.

I am a strategic thinker, master communicator and successful entrepreneur.  With over 20 years in the world of small business, I understand the needs, concerns and goals of those who have started and grown their own companies; and those who wish to purchase them.

My entire life has been spent bringing buyers and sellers together in one form or another.  I’ve worked as a broker of engineered components since 1989 handling over $20mil in transactions during that time, owned and ran a marketing company that brokered printing for 3 years, was a partner in an e-commerce company that grew from $0 to $1mil in revenues in under three years and am a licensed real estate broker.

Selling a business is not about salesmanship, it’s about strategy and intuition.  It’s about taking two people, one with a very personal and prized possession (their business) and the other with a dream or vision and bringing them together while ensuring everybody comes out a winner.  It’s about anticipating the pitfalls and obstacles that are inherent in the process and taking steps to eliminate them before thy arise.  It’s about getting inside the minds of two people coming from completely different places, understanding their needs and motivations and ultimately bringing them together.  THAT IS WHAT I DO.

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